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Honoré δ'O – HemelpOOrt

HemelpOOrt - Honoré δ'O - Inauguration & interview — 8'30" - Sint-Pieterswijk Ieper (BE), 2015
Patrons - Residents of the Saint-Peter neighborhood: Inge Brys, Mon Camelbeke, Gilbert Degryse, Tom Deloose, José Deschildre, Jo De Sutter, Kristof Jonckheere, Jef Peeters, Fien Vandenberghe & Els Verlinden
Curator - Christophe De Jaeger
Partners - City of Ypres
Lille street (Rijselstraat), Ypres, Belgium, 2015

The context

The residents of the St Pieterswijk in Ypres have commissioned a work of art in their neighbourhood. The team consists of artists, painters, curators, architects and hoteliers. 

The commision

St Pieterswijk wants a work of art that for once is not about the war. A work of art that is cherished by the inhabitants of the St Pieterswijk, that can also make you happy, and that is playful, colourful or even interactive. A work of art that offers people amazement in a pleasant environment. A work of art that all of Ypres will talk about. And as far as the patrons are concerned, they are not afraid to experiment with new technology. Daring and innovation is in Ypres' genes.

Honoré d'O made a door to the sky for the Saint-Pierre district of Ypres. Unlike the walls and gates of this medieval city, the Gate of Heaven does not reflect a sense of isolation. The door opens and closes at its own unpredictable pace, above traffic and passers-by, and thus takes us to the sky.

Honoré d'O

A collaboration with Honoré d'O was chosen. In the short film above, the artist talks about the assignment and the work he made.