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Koenraad Dedobbeleer – Klein Willebroek

Patrons - Vereniging Klein-Willebroek Dorp
Curator - Joost Declercq
Klein-Willebroek, Belgie

The patrons

Vereniging Klein-Willebroek Dorp is a group of enthusiastic villagers who have organised many neighbourhood events in recent years (New Year's breakfast, receptions, occasional concerts, artistic holiday courses for children). About 10 people are constantly working to restore and strengthen the comfort of this small community. They want to actively protect this charming hamlet and believe that art can support this mission.

The context

The hamlet of Klein-Willebroek is located between water, roads and industry and has an island status. After a few moments of consultation, the whole group chooses to focus on the Central Sasplein for the place where the artwork is to be integrated.

It quickly becomes clear that the social aspect - being able to meet - is very important for all members of the group. Elements such as poetry, light, time and monumental architecture, the creation of a fictional history or the consideration of local history (boatmen, salt mining, brick industry) are discussed.

The site has been redesigned and many unnecessary elements have been removed or coordinated with each other (billboards, signage, city map, flagpoles, lighting poles, etc.)

The current sculpture has been moved to another location. The existing pedestal has been preserved and the sculpture has been replaced by a large anchor. Four new pedestals of the same style have been built to accommodate anchors and rocks. All these elements form a sculptural ensemble that stands out from the crowd and does not obstruct the entrance to the square.

In this way, the Sasplein will have its own image with which the inhabitants can associate.

Koenraad Dedobbeleer

Koenraad Dedobbeleer was chosen. Its approach is to reaffirm the surroundings of the Sashuis. He wants to create a real village square. The relocation of a meeting place for residents and passers-by was therefore the driving force behind his choices.