de Nieuwe opdrachtgevers

les Nouveaux commanditaires

Stefan Balkenhol – Veemarkt Kortrijk

Patrons - Shopkeepers and inhabitants of Veemarkt
Curator - Joost Declercq
Partners - City of Kortrijk and Deweer Art Gallery (Otegem)
Veemarkt (Kortrijk), 2005

The context

After the renovation of the Veemarkt at Kortrijk, the inhabitants struggled to redefine the identity of the square, so the city council decided to contact De Nieuwe Opdrachtgevers to give the square a new identity. Together with the shopkeepers and inhabitants, De Nieuwe Opdrachtgevers chose Stefan Balkenhol. He made 2 bronze figures, in dialogue with each other: a ballerina and a man. This work of art supports the goal of the square; this is a place where people meet and where festivities are held.

Stefan Balkenhol

Stefan Balkenhol (°Fritzlar, 1957) is a German sculptor. He makes sculptures, reliefs, drawings and silk- screen prints. His hefty cut and colorfully painted wooden sculptures have become his trademark. His most important material is poplar wood. Typical is the base in the same material, so sculpture and base look as if they are cut out from one piece. The material that has been used is always visible; even the coat of paint doesn't hide it. His sculptures depict people, animals and buildings, sometimes in a surrealistic combination.