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Kasper Bosmans – Zonhoven De Wijers

Patrons - An Buekers, Anouk Jonkmans, Els Luyckfasseel, Sarah Maes, Danielle Mantels, Ivo Bollen, Kristien Koeken en Ina Vandewijer.
Curator - Louise Goegebeur
Partners - Municipality of Zonhoven, Johan Van Hoyland (Schepen Cultuur), Guido Pirotte en Kristel Ceulemans
Vlaamse Landmaatschappij, Edith Willems en Koen Grieten
Kauwbosstraat Zonhoven, 2020

On the border between Zonhoven and Kiewit (Hasselt), the Kauwbosstraat runs through a valuable nature area. Together with the Vlaamse Landmaatschappij, the municipality of Zonhoven drew up a redevelopment plan for the area: the street will make way for new cycle paths and footpaths, a resting and meeting area will be added and an art commission will be integrated into the plan.


In 2021, local residents, farmers and representatives of the neighbouring institution “Ter Heide” formed a group of patrons. Accompanied by curator/mediator Louise Goegebeur, they formulated their wish to have an inspiring meeting space designed by an artist. They choose an adjacent plot with a derelict barn as the site for the art work. Throughout different meetings, the patrons emphasized that the final design should be visible from afar and should relate to the identity, history and context of Zonhoven. 


After several dialogues and meetings, the assignment was entrusted to artist Kasper Bosmans. Through his artistic practice, Kasper Bosmans immerses himself in folklore, (local) history and art. He is interested in border areas, ecological connecting zones that bring communities together, which he translates into works of art about nature, culture and the bond between humans and animals. This historical-ecological interest is also present in the mission of this art project. Kasper makes colourful, emblem-like paintings ('legends') that serve as explanations for his spatial installations and murals in the public space. Together they form a new, visual 'historiography' that is open to interpretation. Usually, he focuses intuitively on specific, sometimes absurd facts and stories that refer to ordinary life. Drawing attention, catching the eye, stimulating, inviting, often in a playful way, is closely related to the artistic assignment for Zonhoven.


Kasper Bosmans has accepted the commission and in the coming months will be working on a first design which he will present to the group.